Porsche 75 x Rita Arnaus


At our marketing agency, we teamed up with Cube Production to use drones for filming the new Porsche in its stunning shoot location. Our creative skills made the car look amazing, showing off the brand in a really cool way.


On a sunny summer day, our capable team of three gathered to film the new Porsche by the coast. Despite the challenging conditions, we remained focused. One team member skillfully piloted the drone, ensuring smooth and dynamic shots that perfectly framed the car against the coastal backdrop. With careful attention, we adjusted the camera settings to work with the sunlight, allowing us to capture the Porsche in all its glory. Our dedication to getting the shots right, even in the face of unexpected technical issues, paid off. Through collaborative efforts, we successfully achieved the cinematic shots that showcased the Porsche’s elegance amidst the picturesque coastal scenery.


Our drone shots, captured with precision, played a big part in making the final video by Cube Production even better. They fit well with the story of the pro kite surfer and added a really cool look to the Porsche driving along the coast.

Drone Pilot: Constantinos Nicolaou