Karma Developers


The aim of the project was to create a visually captivating promotional video that highlights the luxury and elegance of the real estate property through skillful cinematography and a stunning waterfront setting.


Amidst the stunning shores of Protaras, we embarked on a truly enjoyable filming adventure. Despite the technical challenges, our production team managed to orchestrate a high-level production right on the boat. The picturesque location provided a beautiful backdrop, and our creative problem-solving ensured that every shot came out just as planned. The strong sun and confined space were no match for our determination and expertise. The end result? A visually captivating promotional video that perfectly encapsulates the elegance of the real estate property.


Our impressive video effectively showcased the property and had a positive impact. It significantly improved the real estate office’s presence on social media, generating more interest and shares. This successful outcome highlights our contribution to enhancing the office’s online reach.

DOP/Editor: Constantinos Nicolaou

Drone Pilot: Constantinos Nicolaou

Production Manager: Petros Nicolaou