Audi RS5 – Two Faced


The primary goal for the shoot was to capture the commercial imagery for the announcement of Audi’s new RS5 line-up. The video produced was suggested by the agency as an extra package of assets that would complement the release campaign on social media. Once the film was produced, Audi decided to back it up and create smaller assets not only to promote the car but also to start an interactive conversation with its audience. The objective was to shoot two cars from Audi’s new line-up: The Sportback and the Coupé. Two different designs should be portrayed in a way that they both shine and one is not overpowering the other. With that in mind, the idea of shooting the cars, side by side in a friendly competition environment was brought to life.


Since the focus of the shoot was to firstly produce the imagery and if there was spare time, the video content, the production time with the car was limited. Ideas had to be amended to allow our videographer to shoot as much content possible with the car in order to tell the story. These are the kind of things that you can never plan for. The fast-paced environment of the industry calls for people that can think on their feet and can adjust plans to tight deadlines. Plan A is essentially the foundation of plans B, C, and D. Juggling between photography and video due to the limited time we had with the car definitely pushed us but we enjoyed every second.


The Two-Faced campaign was incredibly successful, particularly with the target audience. The stories created, dramatically increased the engagement on Instagram which was the primary channel used to share the video and imagery.


Creative Director: Christian Jasper
Videographer: Constantinos Nicolaou