Audi GT E-Drenaline


Stage one required the team to live-cover the LA Motor Show presentation of the new Audi GT Concept with both video and photography. The content was shared on all social media platforms of Audi Sport. Following the presentation, a YouTube film named #eDRENALINE was produced conveying the lifestyle and attitude of the e-tron GT. We wanted the film to capture the thrill of driving the car through LA at night. No sights, no Hollywood sign, no glitz and glamour. We wanted the film to feel and look edgy, cinematic and mysterious, along the lines of movies like ‘Drive’ and ‘Nightcrawler’. A look at the film and the photos will convince you of the results.


Due to the high profile of both the car and its worldwide release event, production time with the car was limited. The team researched suitable locations along a pre-determined route and with the help of the client and police escort on the day, managed to get the necessary shots. The time slot for shooting with the car was only two hours in which we had to improvise to create the best content within that time frame. Our team (made of only 3 people) spent 5 days shooting and live-editing the content for all Audi Sport’s media platforms.


The #eDRENALINE film and the still imagery was very well received by the client and performed extremely well on all social media platforms with over 2m views on YouTube across all Audi channels. Content was shared by different national Audi accounts as well as many fan pages. BTS footage was also featured on Audi Sport’s Instagram stories.


Creative Director: Christian Jasper
Assistant Creative Director: Antonis Hadjimichael
Videographer: Constantinos Nicolaou
Photographer: Antonis Hadjimichael