Circle Φ Ceramic


The aim of this project was to create a promotional video highlighting the studio’s ceramics offerings, while emphasizing its unique story and design philosophy.


Our quest in crafting the Circle Φ Ceramic promo video was focused on capturing the artistry and stories within each piece. Through vivid visuals, emotive storytelling, and a compelling call to action, we’ve managed to showcase the creation process and the passion of Fotini’s artisans. The final video will be optimized for diverse platforms, ensuring broad and effective outreach across social media, your website, and more.


The studio’s audience welcomed the promo video with excitement, drawn to its captivating visuals, authentic storytelling, and embodiment of the studio’s artistry. The video’s resonance on social media sparked curiosity, generating heightened interest, inquiries, and studio visits.


Creative Director: Constantinos Nicolaou
Photographer: Constantinos Nicolaou