Amber & Joe


It’s really impressive to behold how many different factors determine a top-quality cup of coffee and allow a new coffee brand to stand out. Our time spent with the roastmasters of Amber & Joe has been all about understanding these important aspects of the business and capturing them in the most engaging way possible. Managing their overall social-media presence has been an ongoing project for the past few months whereby we’ve been recruited to produce original content on a weekly basis.


Due to the great relationship established with the owners we’ve managed to develop a seamless workflow that allows us to constantly produce fresh ideas. From standard daily images and gifs to the production of cupping session reels and video coverage of their events, our aim has been to convert the rich flavor of their coffee-blends into equally lustrous audiovisual experiences.


The Amber & Joe coffee shop has been a great example of what a great impact we can have with our expertise on a local brand. Ever since we’ve joined forces, their social-media engagement rates have risen resulting in a rapid growth of their customer audience and sales.


Photographer: Constantinos Nicolaou